Enterprise Architecture Tools Overview


Enterprise Architectures are an emerging approach for capturing complex knowledge about organizations and technology. Enterprise Architectural approaches range from broad, enterprise focused approaches, through to approaches aimed at specific domains. The focus of enterprise architecture efforts is now shifting to become more holistic, thereby necessitating the use of comprehensive modeling tools to analyze and optimize the portfolio of business strategies, organizational structures, business processes / tasks and activities, information flows, applications, and technology infrastructure. Important to adoption of an enterprise architectural approach is the availability of tools to support the development, storage, presentation and enhancement of enterprise architecture representations. As with enterprise architecture methodologies, enterprise architecture tools to support the architectural development process are still emerging. High value is derived from consolidating this portfolio of business artifacts into a single repository in a standardized manner to support enterprise analysis and optimization

 Version 6.3 of the Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection Guide have some enhancements to the content and some corrections to the references in this document.

In this guide there is an updated overview of current EA tool suppliers. A new column is added about support of Governance, Risk and Compliancy. Even so the Soluton Architecture column and SOA is combined, a new colum is added with all the references to suppliers websites. Based on research from Gartner 2010 and Forrester 2011, the leading vendors, challangers, visionaires and nice players are marked with colors. So this vendor and tools overview is now covering the most important areas of architecture work.

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